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Flame Retardant versus Non-Flame Retardant

Why do fabrics in Care Homes need to be flame retardant?

Fabrics used in most public places including care homes are required by law to be certified as flame retardant. The ‘2005 Fire Safety Order’ states: “A responsible person (owner or the person with control over the premises) carries full corporate responsibility”.

It is therefore essential that certified flame retardant fabrics are used throughout a care home and to help understand this, we have noted in the table below the British Standards related to different fabrics.

The question is sometimes asked, “can I just coat my curtains from the high street with a flame retardant spray?” The answer is “yes” in theory, but after 3 or 4 washes it will wash out and is subject to the spray being applied correctly in the first place.

All fabrics supplied by Spearhead are inherently flame retardant, which means it cannot be washed out, providing reassurance that you are compliant and makes your care home a safer place for both residents and carers.